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Life can get complicated. Our goal is to simplify and enrich it.

For high net worth individuals it often is a good fit to set-up a Family Office – a business run by and for a single family. The Family Office centralizes and manages the family’s assets, helping to effectively transfer wealth across generations. KeatsConnelly provides Private Client Services that can help determine every aspect of an effective Family Office for you and your family.

We are the largest and most experienced Canada-US cross-border wealth management firm serving exclusively Canadian and American citizens and families with life and business interests on both sides of the border. Our Private Client Services can be an excellent fit for the needs of high net worth Canadians and Americans.

Our Private Client Services are comprehensive and personal services for individuals and families looking for access to expert cross-border professional services in financial planning, tax and accounting, and wealth management. Each KeatsConnelly Private Client receives an expert team of cross-border specialists to help them conveniently and easily plan and execute their personalized cross-border plan.

Find out more about how the KeatsConnelly Private Client Services could be a fit for you and your family by e-mailing or calling us today at (800) 678-5007.

Cross-Border Series
The Border Guide
The Border Guide has sold over 70,000 copies and is considered the definitive cross-border financial tool for Canadians living, working and investing in the United States.
Buying Real Estate in the US
This thorough financial, tax, and legal guide will help snowbirds understand the process, and make informed investments south of the border.
A Canadian's Best Tax Haven
This 2nd edition (now available) will provide you information that can help you live the cross-border lifestyle you've desired and show you how to lower your income taxes and cost of living.
Taxation of Canadians in America
This book addresses individual US taxation and estate planning issues you will face as a Canadian living in the US.
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